Porsche 911/930 3.0 Turbo - 1975/1977


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911/930 Early 3.0 Turbo Registry

This registry was started because of the significant place the 3.0 Turbo has in Porsche history. Since its launch in 1975, the 911 Turbo has been, and still is, the top model in the 911 model line. 
The 930 featured specific flared rear wings (12 cm extra width), black stone guard film was applied in front of the rear wheel arches and the rear lid featured a distinctive rear wing with a wide black hard-rubber border made of glass fibre-reinforced plastic. 

With this registry we hope to help people all over the world:

  • to find their cars and/or parts
  • to bring engine and car owners together to get cars complete again
  • to bring old documents from former owners back with the car, like bills of sale or old pictures and to complete the history of the car
  • to sort out if the car is original

If you have suggestions please let us know. 

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