Porsche 924 GT/GTS - 1981


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924 GT/GTS 1981 Registry

This registry is dedicated to the 924 Carrera GT and the very rare 924 Carrera GTS. 
Of the Porsche 924 Carrera GT type 937 are only 6 prototypes and 400 production cars ever built. 

With the 924 Turbo arrived in 1978 Porsche considered a Group 4 competition entry, and for that reason a minimum production of 400 cars was needed to homologate. The first prototype was presented during the 1979 Frankfurt Motorshow.
The design is aggressive, due to a bodykit of enlarged wings, allowing to welcome larger axles. An air intake is centered on the hood to feed the air exchanger. The 4 cylinders 2L taken from the 924 Turbo now develops 210 hp. 

With this registry we hope to help people all over the world:

  • to find their cars and/or parts
  • to bring engine and car owners together to get cars complete again
  • to bring old documents from former owners back with the car, like bills of sale or old pictures and to complete the history of the car
  • to sort out if the car is original

If you have suggestions, please let us know.  


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