Porsche Cayenne S Transsyberia - 2007/2008


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The Porsche Cayenne S Transsyberia (Rally edition) has the same power unit as the regular road version. From the original 26 cars LA32207 - LA32382 that stated in 2007 only 5 were upgraded for 2008. The other cars paticipated in the rally in 2008 or with a special function. All the cars come with some upgrades:

  • Engine management makes varying valve lift on the intake side possible between 3.6 and 10 millimeters, and with the intake manifold being variable in length as well, the engine provides high at low engine speeds and a 15 per cent lower fuel consumption. The fuel quality is automatically detected from 91 octane or higher.
  • The transmission management has been optimized for Off-road use.
  • A multiple-plate electric clutch and controlled electronically is able to vary the distribution of power as a function of driving conditions, like feeding as much as 100 per cent of the engine’s power completely to the front or rear.
  • The rear and the side windows at the rear are made of light polycarbonate, while the side windows at the front, as on all Cayenne models, feature special hydrophobic treatment to make water run off more.

With the registry, we help the owners of the 26 Rally cars:

  • find their car or parts for it,
  • to get cars complete with their original engine or documents,
  • with information and contacts

and to show Cayenne S Transsyberia fans the beauty of all the cars in the registry. Please help us to complete the registry. 


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