Porsche 911/964 RS NGT - 1992


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Registry info 911/964 RS NGT

This registry is dedicated to the 964 RS NGT cars. 

The Carrera RS was further developed by Porsche in 1992 with the launch of the N/GT and a total of just 290 cars were made, all in left-hand drive. These cars were further stripped-out with all the carpets removed and replaced with plywood foot-boards for the driver. A fully welded cage was fitted, and the standard RS seats were replaced with Nomex racing buckets. 

The N/GT also featured a long-range fuel tank, dual internal fire extinguishers, internal dash mounted engine cut-off, and the DME was relocated behind the driver to allow the use of six-point harnesses. 

With this registry we hope to help people all over the world:

  • to find their cars and/or parts
  • to bring engine and car owners together to get cars complete again
  • to bring old documents from former owners back with the car, like bills of sale or old pictures and to complete the history of the car
  • to sort out if the car is original and not stolen

If you have suggestions, please let us know.    

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