Porsche 911/991 R - 2016


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Registry info 911R

The Porsche 911 R made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, with a unique model, that weighs only 1,370 kg, making it the lightest 991 version so far. The naturally-aspirated engine has no less than 500 HP and a 6-speed manual gearbox. The 911R production is limited to 991 and has rear-wheel steering, ceramic brakes, 20-inch lightweight rims, double-declutch function and other aerodynamic and weight-shaving features. 

With the registry, we help the owners and fans of the 991 cars:

  • to get cars complete with their original engine or documents,
  • with information and contacts

and to show 991R fans the beauty of all the cars in the registry. Please help us to complete the registry. 


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